Areas of practice

We are specialized in several areas of private law, thus providing more efficiency in the results.

How we work

We aim to apply the best way in the legal advice provided, without leaving aside the ethical principles that the Roberto & Advogados Associados Fatuch law firm establishes.


  • In the field of customs law we operate mainly in bringing security measures for the release of goods and products seized by the customs authority in the ports of the States of Parana and Santa Catarina;
  • We elaborate administrative and judicial defenses before the Federal Court and Federal Revenue Service;
  • Monitoring of tax administrative inquiries to the Public Ministry and police stations; Defenses in tax assessments.


Advice and legal counsel with the assistance of local, State and federal Government environmental legislation in litigation or administrative involving environmental law issues, including in the context of crimes against the environment before Assistant Public Prosecutor and the judiciary.

Preparation of studies of environmental impact, environmental impact reports, environmental projects, adequacy to the environmental protection legislation, identifying contingencies, hidden liabilities and environmental risks. Representation before government agencies responsible for licensing of activities and compliance with environmental legislation (IAP, IBAMA, environmental Departments).


Analysis of substantive law: tof people, goods, Acts and Facts Legal, contract law, company law, Property Law.

Drafting legal opinions and consultations related to various areas of civil law.


Drafting contracts and assistance in the analysis and definition of the various legal transactions species.

Banking Law

  • Legal advisory services to financial and banking institutions;
  • Legal consulting to financial institutions and companies in relations with the Central Bank of Brazil;
  • Legal advice in the area of foreign capital, including investment planning and studies in Brazil;
  • Representation in administrative and judicial litigation, in the best interests of financial institutions.

Consumer Law

  • Advice on relationships between suppliers and consumers of products and services;
  • Analysis and drafting of commercial contracts, financial and insurance, warranty terms and technical assistance with a focus on their suitability for consumer protection legislation;
  • Representation in court, or outside it, into actions of consumption, driven by private individuals, public prosecutor or by consumer associations.

Family Law

Expertise in legal separation and divorce, and consensual or contested with shielding sheet forecast and succession planning. Our performance provides clause of confidentiality, ensuring our customers total secrecy to all the questions inherent to the process.

Real Estate Law

  • Advice and preparation of lease contracts, planning, construction and real estate management;
  • Evictions;
  • Swap contracts and real estate development, dismemberment, condo and institution building;
  • Advisory services in rural and urban real estate transactions in adverse possession actions, markings and partitions, prohibited interdicted;
  • Revision of lease.

Criminal-Economic Law

Guidance and clients defense in police investigations and / or criminal proceedings arising from allegations of tax evasion, money laundering, accidents, crimes against the environment, crimes against the economy, crime against consumer relations , crime against honor, crime of violation of copyright, trademarks and patents, unfair competition crime.

Orientation and defense of the interests of the customers victims of corporate fraud committed by third parties or employees with the adoption of appropriate legal measures in police and/or judicial sphere for the punishment of those responsible.

Insurance Law

Expertise in Insurance for individuals and companies, insured or not; Consulting services and legal assistance, administrative and litigation in areas (civil or criminal) to all branches of the insurance contract, optional (auto, life, health, personal accident insurance, civil liability insurance, safe deposit, etc.) or compulsory (DPVAT, transport, housing, etc.).

Corporate Law

  • Expertise in corporate dissolution actions, with the company's organizational and equity valuation;
  • Formation and structuring of companies;
  • Operations of foreign companies in the country;
  • Corporate reorganizations: acquisitions, mergers, mergers and divisions;
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances;
  • Legal audits.

Labor law

  • The labor sector is structured for full and personalized service to the company in preventive matter, either for individual rights issues or collective rights, claim defense and administrative or judicial litigation;
  • Legal advice and drafting of documents;
  • Projects and evaluation of labor liabilities for disposals, mergers and acquisitions;
  • Collective Bargaining;
  • Representation in labor claims.

Tax law

  • Analysis of tax incidence hypothesis;
  • Legal advice on tax planning;
  • Administrative applications, queries, tax clearance certificates, tax programs in local, State or federal;
  • Tax, judicial and administrative litigation;
  • Tax planning in foreign trade operations, negotiation framework and special customs procedures, benefits and tax incentives.

Debt Payment

  • We developed methodology for payment of tax debts, social security and other collateralized before financial institutions;
  • We manage existing liabilities in order to enable continuity of business activities.


  • Constitution of companies with the aim of protecting the heritage, with any creditor expropriation claim, being it labor, tax, social security or even collateral;
  • Projects with planning to minimize tax and tax burden;
  • Elaboration of corporate organizational structure, putting away risks to the capitalist partner;
  • Minimizing financial and administrative costs for heritage management;
  • Projects of business and family succession with asset protection;
  • Definition of business companies for a particular branch of activity;
  • Creation of working methodology for business activities of high and medium risk.

Social Security

Administrative and judicial litigation to obtain social security benefits before the local, State and Federal Social Security.

Corporate Restructuring

The work involves the management of determining points for business recovery, either judicial or extrajudicial, in accordance with the following assumptions:

  • Assessment of the situation of the troubled company's credit and guarantees;
  • Consulting and due diligence in business recovery with financial difficulty, covering banking, contractual aspects, procedural contingencies, corporate, capital markets, tax, social security, labor and civil liability;
  • Assistance in structuring of the recovery and respective mechanisms, corporate and tax planning and financial operations and reorganizations;
  • Preparation, filing and tracking of extrajudicial and judicial recovery actions;
  • Customer participation and representation in committees and meetings of creditors.

Asset recovery

  • We have a team specialized in collecting information on recovery of financial and tax assets for individuals and companies;
  • We elaborate administrative and judicial procedures for the redemption of assets;
  • We manage the recovery process until the effective receipt;
  • We do the contract and monitoring of assignment of rights to third parties.


Adriana Jaensen Daros Businesswoman - ADN Indústria e Comercio de Móveis e Acessórios

"Whenever we seek legal advice, we have as premise being serviced by professional experts in their areas of expertise. This is exactly what we found in the Roberto Fatuch Law Firm & Legal Consulting, which has in its bench of lawyers, highly skilled professionals."

Professor Amaury Meller General Director - Faculdades Maringá

"The Roberto Fatuch Law Firm & Legal Consulting Office has a multidisciplinary structure, focused on the business district which includes the philosophy of service that we seek in a proper legal environment, with a focus on ethical and moral values"

Emerson José Bellese Moura Commercial Director - HI TOP Comercio de assessórios LTDA - ME

"Dr. Roberto Fatuch and his associates lawyers have been attending our company for years with great efficiency and dedication. One thing that always attracted our attention right from the start was the zeal that he has on his clients. They don't look simply a legal process in technical way, they evaluate new risks therewith design in a didactic way all situations that involve a particular process. In the business world, having a competent and present legal advice is fundamental to the success of any enterprise."

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