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Who we are

The firm Roberto Fatuch Advocacia & Consultoria Jurídica operates in the area of Private Law with an emphasis on Corporate Law, showing commitment, efficiency and quality in services. The area of practice is Economic Criminal Law, Tax Law, Corporate Law, Civil Law, Banking Law, Consumer Law, Social Security and Labor Law). Specialized in asset protection, it offers businesspeople legal and administrative advice for restructuring companies with plans to pay debts to tax, labor and bank creditors.

  • Profile

    The goal of each legal advice is intrinsically related to the profile of each client. It is not enough only to advocate but also be concerned about how to conduct a conflict, as its peculiarities. Thus, we pursue to obtain the positive results that the client craves, consonants with ethical conduct adopted by our entire team.

  • Acting forms

    The Office's legal body is formed by professionals with specific skills for each area of expertise. Thus, we have professionals who are directed exclusively to the fulfillment of court hearing as well as those who are specialized in the production of procedural documents, not forgetting those who exclusively make a service with each client. So we can obtain the best result from each professional in the work they propose to do.

    Each work is developed in team, so not getting any individualized client with only a professional, but with all the legal core. As important as our way of acting is also confidentiality. It is provided to all our customers, associates and professional partners the confidentiality of information entrusted to us, as well as the development of our work, so we offer this safety as important professional aspect.

  • Principles

    All Roberto Fatuch & Advogados Associados office staff is premised on Ethics, Efficiency and Dedication, focused on teamwork, because we understand that preservating basic values of transparency, honesty, with respect to the parties involved, consequently we are being ethical the performance of our duties.

    The way we conduct the contracted work allows us a legal deepening in each issue, thus having dedication in all relevant aspects to each case.

Our structure

The Law Firm based in Curitiba operates in the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina, São Paulo, in addition to the Federal District. It has a multidisciplinary team of specialists in addition to partnerships with accounting offices, as well as technical judicial expertise in the areas of Health and Engineering. We have a modern information system that allows us to be continuously updated with judicial publications, as well as an agile document scanning service in all regions of our professional practice.


Ricardo Quinelo CEO - QR Administradora de bens LTDA

"More than a decade providing legal advice to our company, Dr. Roberto Fatuch and his associates bring us peace and security in our processes. Transmitting an experienced conduct, solid and ownership of the facts, we always achieve our goals. The anticipation of the facts and legal intelligence makes the difference in business, and this is what Dr. Roberto proposes."

Luiz Telmo Daros Industrial Director - Garra Indústria de Móveis e acessórios

"With the growth of our industry we saw the need to have a legal counsel. We found in the Office of Dr. Roberto Fatuch attention and structure we wanted with this partnership, our company has become stronger and can take further steps with more boldness and security."

Emerson José Bellese Moura Commercial Director - HI TOP Comercio de assessórios LTDA - ME

"Dr. Roberto Fatuch and his associates lawyers have been attending our company for years with great efficiency and dedication. One thing that always attracted our attention right from the start was the zeal that he has on his clients. They don't look simply a legal process in technical way, they evaluate new risks therewith design in a didactic way all situations that involve a particular process. In the business world, having a competent and present legal advice is fundamental to the success of any enterprise."

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